Music are messages. Sometimes it’s a story too long to tell, sometimes bits of feelings one cannot into words. Maybe that tiny slice of life at 10, or a faint whisper from the sky. And other times they just speak, without reason.

I write messages. Hope they speak to you.

I’m David Siu, a recent graduate from Collin College (Plano/Dallas area) music program. My outputs gears toward small ensembles and electronic/pop productions thus far. Got a 4-yr school to find. Too much ramen. Still want a cat. Always up for new projects, and well, just love writing music. Piano is my principal instrument and I also do accompanist work occasionally as time allows.

If you need to get a hold of me for work or anything, catch me with email or soundcloud. If it’s urgent, text/leave me a message (214.444.8380).